[Acronimous, Identifications]

3C        3C               Third Cambridge Radiosource Catalogue
3CR       3CR              Revised Third Cambridge Radiosource
4C        4C               Fourth Cambridge Radiosource Catalogue
5Cn       5Cn              Fifth Cambridge Radiosource Catalogue
ADS       ADS              Aitken Double Stars
AFGL      AFGL             Air Force Geophysics Laboratory
AGK2      AGK2             Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog
AGK3      AGK3             Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog
AGK3R     AGK3R            Astronomische Gesellschaft Katalog
B2        B2               Second Bologna Radiosource Catalogue
B3        B3               Third Bologna Radiosource Catalogue
BAYFLAM   Bayer/Flamsteed  Bayer Flamsteed Identification
BD        BD               Bonner Durtchmunsterung
BS        BS               Yerkes Bright Star Catalogue
CD        CD               Cordoba Durtchmunsterung
CPD       CPD              Cape Durtchmunsterung
CROSSID   Cross Id.        Cross Identification
CSI       CSI              Strasbourg Catalogue of Stellar
DM        BD/CD/CPD        Bonner or Cordoba or Cape
FK3       FK3              Third Fundamental Katalog
FK4       FK4              Fourth Fundamental Katalog
FK5       FK5              Fifth Fundamental Katalog
GC        GC               General Catalogue
GENEVA    Geneva           Geneva (Mermillod) Code
GICLAS    Giclas           Giclas Number
HD        HD               Henry Draper Catalogue
HR        HR               Harvard Revised Photometry (=BS)
IC        IC               Index Catalogue
MCG       MCG              Morphological Catalogue of Galaxies
NAME      Name             Identification Name
NAMEIAU   IAU Name         Name in standard IAU format (HHMMDDDD)
NGC       NGC              New General Catalogue
NO        Number           Running Number
NUMBER    Number           Identification Number
SAO       SAO              Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Catalogue
SAnn      SA Number        Selected Area nn Number (ex. SA57 32)
UGC       UGC              Uppsala General Catalogue


BI b Galactic Latitude (System I) BII b II Galactic Latitude (System II) BSII B II Supergalactic Latitude CSI <csi> <csi> Standard Coordinate DEC Dec. Declination DIFDECGC Difference in Dec. from GC DIFDEFK4 Difference in Dec. from FK4 DIFFDEC Difference in Dec. DIFFRA Difference in R.A. DIFRAFK4 Difference in R.A. from FK4 DIFRAGC Difference in R.A. from GC ETA <eta> <eta> Standard Coordinate LI l Galactic Longitude (System I) LII l II Galactic Longitude (System II) LSII L II Supergalactic Longitude RA R.A. Right Ascension XCOORD x x (generic) Coordinate XESO x x Coordinate in ESO/Uppsala Survey Plate XPSS x x Coordinate in PSS Plate YCOORD y y (generic) Coordinate YESO y y Coordinate in ESO/Uppsala Survey Plate YPSS y y Coordinate in PSS Plate

[Dimensions, Velocities, Distances]

ABSPAR Absolute Parallax ANGSEP Angular Separation CORAD Core radius CORRVEL Velocity corrected for Apex Motion DIST Distance to an Object DISTMOD m-M Distance Modulus DISTMOD0 (m-M)o Corrected Distance Modulus ECC e Eccentricity INCL Inclination MEANDIST Mean distance PARALLAX Parallax PM <mu> Proper Motion PMB <mu>b Proper Motion in Galactic Latitude PMDEC <mu>Dec. Proper Motion in Declination PMLCOSB <mu>l cos b Proper Motion in Galactic Longitude PMRA <mu>R.A. Proper Motion in Right Ascension PMRACOSD <mu> Prefixes & Suffixes:

X-suffix x Component of a Vector (ex.: VELX, ...) Y-suffix y Component of a Vector (ex.: VELY, ...) Z-suffix z Component of a Vector (ex.: VELZ, ...)

[Time & related parameters]

AGE Age Age DATE Date Date (string: ex.: 07-APR-1985) DAY d Day EPOCH Epoch Epoch EQUINOX Eq. Equinox EXPTIME Exp. Time Exposure Time HOURS h Hours JD JD Julian Day MEANEPOC Mean Ep. Mean Epoch MIN m Minutes MONTH Month Month OBSDATE Date Date of observation OBSEPOC Obs. Ep. Epoch of Observation PERIOD P Period SEC s Seconds SIDPER Sidereal period STH h Sidereal Time hours STMIN m Sidereal Time minutes STSEC s Sidereal Time seconds TIME t Time (h, m, s) TIMERES Time Res. Temporal Resolution UTD d UT day UTM Month UT month UTY Y UT year UTH h UT hours UTMIN m UT minutes UTSEC s UT seconds YEAR Y Year

[Astrophysical quantities]

ATTFAC Attenuation Factor AVMAG Av Absorption in Vmag BLOCKF Blocking Factor EFFGRAV ge Effective Gravity EFFPRES [Pe] Effective Pressure EFFTEMP Te Effective Temperature EFFWL <lambda>eff Effective Wavelength ENRANGE Energy Range (X-ray) FEONH [Fe/H] FLUX F Flux FLUXINT F(int) Integrated Flux (extended sources) GRAVITY g Gravity INT I Intensity INTCOD Intensity code INTIN Ic Central Intensity INTOUT Ie External Intensity LOGEFFPR log [Pe] Logarithm of effective Temperature LOGGRAV log g Logarithm of the Gravity LOGLONLS log(L/Lsun) LOGLUMI log L Logarithm of the Luminosity LOGTEMP log T Logarithm of the Temperature LXONLO Lx/LO X-ray Luminosity on Optical Luminosity MASS m Mass MKTYPE MK MK Spectral Type POLARIZ Polarization SB b Surface Brightness SBCODE Surface Brightness code SP Sp Spectral Type SPH SP(H) Spectral Type from H SPK SP(K) Spectral Type from K TEM T Temperature TETAGI <teta>g TETAZERO <teta>0 WL <lambda> Wavelength WLOBS <lambda> Wavelength of Observations

[Magnitudes, Color indices, Photometric parameters]

ABSBMAG Mb B Absolute Magnitude ABSMAG M Absolute Magnitude ABSVMAG Mv V Absolute Magnitude B1GMAG B1 Geneva System B1MB2G B1-B2 Geneva System B20MAG B Sandage UBVR20 System B2GMAG B2 Geneva System B2MV1G B2-V1 Geneva System BDMAG BD mag Bonner Durtchmunsterung Magnitude BETAS <beta> Stromgren ubvy System BGMAG B Geneva System BJMAG B Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System BKMAG B Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System BMAG B B Magnitude (generic) BMLW B-L Walraven System BMLWP [B-L] => (B-L)-0.40(V-B) Walraven System BMUW B-U Walraven System BMUWP [B-U] => (B-U)-0.66(V-B) Walraven System BMV B-V B-V Colour (generic) BMV20 B-V Sandage UBVR20 System BMVG B-V Geneva System BMVJ B-V Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System BMVK B-V Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System BMVW B-V Walraven System BMYS b-y Stromgren ubvy System BOLMAG mbol Bolometric Magnitude BSMAG b Stromgren ubvy System BWMAG B Walraven System C1S c1 => (u-v)-(v-b) Stromgren ubvy System C1SP [c1] => c1-0.20(b-y) Stromgren ubvy System CD3538 C(35-38) DDO System CD3842 C(38-42) DDO System CD4142 C(41-42) DDO System CD4245 C(42-45) DDO System CD4548 C(45-48) DDO System CI CI Color Index (generic) CJ3352 m(3371)-m(5183) Johnson 13-color System CJ3552 m(3536)-m(5183) Johnson 13-color System CJ3752 m(3751)-m(5183) Johnson 13-color System CJ4052 m(4030)-m(5183) Johnson 13-color System CJ4552 m(4571)-m(5183) Johnson 13-color System CJ52110 m(5183)-m(11084) Johnson 13-color System CJ5258 m(5183)-m(5183) Johnson 13-color System CJ5263 m(5183)-m(6356) Johnson 13-color System CJ5272 m(5183)-m(7241) Johnson 13-color System CJ5280 m(5183)-m(8000) Johnson 13-color System CJ5286 m(5183)-m(8584) Johnson 13-color System CJ5299 m(5183)-m(9831) Johnson 13-color System CMMW C-M Washington System CWMAG C Washington System DCMMW <delta>(C-M) Washington System parameter DELTAGP <delta> => (U-B2) -0.832(B2-G) Geneva System DGP d => (U-B1) -1.430(B1-B2) Geneva System DMMT1W <delta>(M-T1) Washington System parameter GBMAG G Becker System GGMAG G Geneva System GGP g => (B1-B2)-1.357(V1-G) Geneva System GKMAG G Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System GMRB G-R Becker System IJMAG I Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System IKMAG I Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System JJMAG J Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System KJMAG K Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System LJMAG L Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System LWMAG L Walraven System M1S m1 => (v-b)-(b-y) Stromgren ubvy System M1SP [m1] => m1+0.18(b-y) Stromgren ubvy System M2GP m2 => (B1-B2)-0.457(B2-V1) Geneva System MAG m Generic Magnitude (generic) MAGD48 M48 DDO System MAGJ52 m(5183) Johnson 13-color System MJMAG M Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System MMT1W M-T1 Washington System MWMAG M Washington System NJMAG N Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System PHOTMAG mpg International System PMXV P-X Vilnius System PVISMAG mpv International System PVMAG P Vilnius System QCMTW Q(CMT) Washington System parameter R20MAG R Sandage UBVR20 System RBMAG R Becker System RJMAG R Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System RKMAG R Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System RMIK R-I Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System SVMAG S Vilnius System T1MT2W T1-T2 Washington System T1WMAG T1 Washington System T2WMAG T2 Washington System UBMAG U Becker System UGMAG U Geneva System UJMAG U Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System UKMAG U Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System UMAG U U Magnitude (generic) UMB U-B U-B Colour (generic) UMB20 U-B Sandage UBVR20 System UMB2G U-B2 Geneva System UMBG U-B Geneva System UMBJ U-B Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System UMBK U-B Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System UMBS u-b Stromgren ubvy System UMGB U-G Becker System UMPV U-P Vilnius System UMVJ U-V Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System UMWW U-W Walraven System UMWWP [U-W] => (U-W)-0.55(V-B) Walraven System USMAG u Stromgren ubvy System UVMAG U Vilnius System UWMAG U Walraven System V1GMAG V1 Geneva System V20MAG U Sandage UBVR20 System V20MAG V Sandage UBVR20 System VGMAG V Geneva System VISMAG mv International System VJMAG V Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System VKMAG V Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System VMAG V V Magnitude (generic) VMGK V-G Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System VMIJ V-I Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System VMJJ V-J Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System VMKJ V-K Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System VMLJ V-L Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System VMMJ V-M Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System VMNJ V-N Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System VMR20 V-R Sandage UBVR20 System VMRJ V-R Johnson UBVRIJKLMN System VMRK V-R Stebbins and Kron UBVGRI System VMSV V-S Vilnius System VSMAG v Stromgren ubvy System VVMAG V Vilnius System VWMAG V Walraven System WWMAG W Walraven System XMYV X-Y Vilnius System XVMAG X Vilnius System YMZV Y-Z Vilnius System YSMAG y Stromgren ubvy System YVMAG Y Vilnius System ZMVV Z-V Vilnius System ZVMAG Z Vilnius System

Prefixes & Suffixes:

E-prefix Colour excess (ex.: EBMV, EVMKJ, ...) D-prefix Blanketing corrections (ex.: DBMV, DUMB, ...) 0-suffix Colours corrected for interstellar reddening (ex.: BMV0, VMKJ0, ...)

[Sigma, Errors]

EPSDEC <epsilon> in declination EPSILON <epsilon> Generic <epsilon> EPSPMDEC <epsilon> in PMDEC EPSPMRA <epsilon> in PMRA EPSRA <epsilon> in right ascension ERDEC Error in Declination ERRA Error in Right Ascension ERROR Error (generic, or not specified) MEANERR Mean Error PROBERR Probable Error RMSDEC RMS Error in Declination RMSERR RMS Error RMSRA RMS Error in Right Ascension RMSFLUX RMS error in flux SIGDEC <sigma> in declination SIGMA <sigma> Generic <sigma> SIGPMDEC <sigma> in PMDEC SIGPMRA <sigma> in PMRA SIGRA <sigma> in right ascension STERR Standard Error

[Extragalactic, extended objects]

APPDIAM Apparent Diameter APPRAD Apparent Radius AREA Area BEAMSIZE Beam Size CLASS Class (generic) DIAM Diameter DIAMB Diameter in Blue color DIAMR Diameter in Red color DISTCL Distance Class (clusters of Galaxies) DVCL De Vaucouleurs Class (Galaxies) HUBCL Hubble/Sandage Class (Galaxies) MADIAM Major diameter MADIAMB Major diameter in blue color MADIAMI Major diameter of the inner region MADIAMO Major diameter of the outer region MADIAMR Major diameter in red color MAG10 Magnitude of the tenth Member of Cluster MIDIAM Minor diameter MIDIAMB Minor diameter in blue color MIDIAMI Minor diameter of the inner region MIDIAMO Minor diameter of the outer region MIDIAMR Minor diameter in red color POP Population POSANG Position Angle (ex.: in Galaxies) RADIUS Radius REDSHIFT Red Shift (generic) RICH Richness Class (clusters of Galaxies) VDBCL Van den Bergh Class (Galaxies) ZABS Red Shift (absorption) ZEM Red Shift (emission)

[Additional informations, Notes, References and Miscellanea]

ACODE Alphanumeric Code ACODn Alphanumeric Code (when more than 1) BIBLIO Bibliography COMPNUM Number of components DETECTOR Type of Detector DUMPC Dumping Constant DUPL Duplicity Code EFFAREA Effective Area ESOFIELD ESO/Uppsala Field Number ESONUM ESO/Uppsala Plate Number FLAG Two values code FLAGn Two values code (when more than 1) INFO Additional Informations, Notes MEASNUM Number of Measurements METALAB Metal Abundance METHOD Method MULTIPL Multiplicity NCODE Numeric (integer) Code NCODn Numeric (integer) Code (when more than 1) NFIELD Field Number NIGHTNUM Number of Nights NOTE Note NPLATE Plate Number NREF Pointer to reference NREM Pointer to remark OBJTYPE Type of Object OBSDIS Dispersion of Observations OBSENUM Number of Observations OBSERVER Observer's Name PLATENUM Number of Plates PSSFIELD PSS Field Number PSSNUM PSS Plate Number REF Reference REM Remarks SECVAR Secular Variations SEEING Seeing Code VARTYPE Type of Variability

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