Graphic Commands

Astronomers use, in data analysis, not standard methods as statistical tools and the representation of astronomical objects by coordinate projection. In DIRA2, the graphic commands was developed having in mind the astronomers desiderata in order to provide a new way to inquiry the catalogues data base. There are many graphic and statistical packages that can work on ASCII tables extracted from DIRA2 catalogues. The graphic commands shown in this chapter are tools to help the users in the data selection. Then the graphic commands are another way to formulate the queries with a real time view on the results of the queries.

The user can plot sky maps, with different projections and coordinate systems, and select an object, present in the map, by cursor position. The task shows the values of the physical quantities (for example magnitude, radial velocity, and so on) of that object contained in the catalogue. The user can produce the histogram of the objects with defined characteristics, using the DIRA2 query language to set constraints. The user can also get the correlation between physical quantities that are not present in the catalogue fields, but that can be evaluated as a function of the fields values.

The graphic commands are not a graphic appendix of the DIRA2 package, but they are an integral part of the structure.

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