D.I.R.A. 2 Distributed Information Retrieval from Astronomical files


Version 1.1

  1. DIRA2 is a software developed by the Astronet Working Group on Database and Documentation. An updated version of the software (V.4.2) and other information are in the DIRA2WWW homepage homepage. The following people contributed to the DIRA2 realization (Mauro Nanni acts as Group co-ordinator):

  2. How to contact the Group.
    For any problem with DIRA2 please contact your Data Base Administrator or for technical question :

    M.Nanni - C.N.R. Istituto di Radioastronomia
    Via Gobetti 101 -40129 Bologna - Italy - E-mail: nanni@ira.bo.cnr.it

  3. DIRA2 distribution.

    DIRA2 is generally distributed from the Astronet Documentation Service. The contact point is:

    Astronet Doc. Service - Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste
    Via Tiepolo 11 - C.P.Succursale 5 - 34131 Trieste - Italy - E-mail:adoc@ts.astro.it

  4. The online Manual.

    This manual is the hypertext version of the dira2 User Manual distributed with Catalogues and Software. For more information go to help page of the software on the DIRA2WWW website.

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