Distributed Data Base.

In these years some catalogues was produced by the DIRA2 users; these and other data normalized by the the Astronet Data Base working group present the problem to define one or more center where all the available catalogues are present. Moreover the new optical disks allow to have all the data base on line on a computer center, reachable via network.

Then we identify the BOLOGNA and PADOVA Astronet poles as the data banks of all the catalogues available in DIRA2 that are , presently, more than 140.

To access the pole of Bologna you can use the follow addresses:

     INTERNET :     bodira.bo.cnr.it  ( 

Username: dira2 PASSWORD: dira2

Dira2 will start at the user login.

In these nodes you can use all the Dira commands. You select data from catalogues and create a PDB on the remote node, then you can return to your node and copy the remote data via network. With the command PDB_COPY data will be received and inserted in your local PDB.

For database distribution the Astronet Data base working group is able to write WORM Maxtor 800 disks, DAT and Gigastore tapes.

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