Release Note

DIRA was developed starting from 1984 by the Astronet Data Base Working Group as a package for VAX/VMS system. In the middle of the 1988 the group decides to rewrite all the software (about 50.000 FORTRAN rows of code) to have a more efficient product that can run on Unix and on VMS system. This extensive upgrade was called DIRA2.

The new product is compatible with the catalogues data of the previous version, but can't use the PDB system files created with old version of DIRA. The command PDB_TRANSL provide the convertion of old PDB in a new one.

The most important differences between the old DIRA and the new DIRA2 software are:

The organization of this manual is also changed. All the reference to the FORTRAN subroutines callable from user program are moved from this manual to another manual called "Programming in DIRA " available in [DIRA2.MANUAL]PROGRAM.TXT

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