Insertion of a catalogue in the PDB

To insert a catalogue in the Personal Data Base means to write, in the PDB system files, the description of the catalogue characteristics, then the PDB will have a pointer to the user catalogue file, and DIRA2 will work on it.

The insertion of a catalogue in the PDB structure is carried out in the following steps.

  1. Writing a file with the catalogue data in a compatible format; the previous chapter has defined the characteristics of a valid DIRA2 data file. Typically the problems that the user meets in this phase are:

  2. Insertion of the information relative to the catalogue in the system files.

  3. Writing a documentation file that contains both the full description of the catalogue, and the description of the codes used for the fields. Obviously the documentation file is not strictly necessary for the operation of routines, but it is strongly recommended.

When the catalogue to be inserted in the PDB is a sub-set extracted from a system catalogue by means of DIRA2 commands, the operation 1) and 2) are performed automatically. The name of the documentation file is that of the original catalogue.

To insert a catalogue written on tape or disk as a FITS table the user can use the DB_FROMFT command. This works in an automatic way, reads the input file, executes the conversion of the coordinate formats (when required) and creates an ascii catalogue. Moreover updates the PDB system files with the catalogue items. After the use of this command, the catalogue is ready for its use in DIRA2.

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