The command tests the data of a catalogue.


The user can verify the accordance between the data and description of the data using this task. The command examines the data in the PDB system files: the number and the type of fields declared, the presence of coordinate fields and the sort keys. Moreover the task reads the catalogues and searches for: format errors in the numerical fields, range errors in the coordinates or sort errors. The errors detected will be written on the screen and in the report file.

Running this task when a new catalogue is added in the PDB is suggested.

INPUT FIELDS of the command:

Catalogue Name

The name of the input catalogue.

Example : UGC

Output log file

The name of the report file where the errors, detected in the catalogue, will be written.

Example : ERRORS.LOG

Maximum number of errors

The task stops when a number of errors equal to this value is reached. This parameter avoids to check the entire catalogue when a global error ( like an incorrect definition of catalogue field) causing hundred of messages is present. Default is 100.

Example : 12


In the output file only the errors of the catalogues data are written. More information about the catalogue descriptions are shown on the screen during the task execution.

The user can use the DB_EDIT to fix the bugs in the catalogues data and the PDB_MANAG command to modify wrong items.

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