To copy the catalogue items between different Personal Data Base.


When an user wants a copy of a catalogue, he can copy the data file with the 'copy' command supplied by the operating system, but he can not duplicate the records that are in the PDB system file. The items of the catalogues can be copied from a public catalogue to a PDB or between PDB by this command. Moreover, in a DECNET environment, this command can copy the catalogue items from a remote node of a network. When this command runs, all the catalogue items will be inserted in the Personal Data Base present in the current directory. After a PDB_COPY operation it is appropriate to use the PDB_MANAG task to verify the coherence of the new catalogue.

PDB_COPY is useful to work on a remote node of the network where exists a DIRA2 database with catalogues that are not available at your local node. The user can open an interactive session and create a remote PDB where collect the data of the queries. Then the data can be copied with network file transfer standard commands, or, when the data files are large, can be convenient to use tapes to transport data.

After a remote session the user will have a PDB structure on the remote node. If the user is working on a DECNET network, using PDB_COPY command it is possible to update a PDB present on the local node with data from remote PDB. Otherwise the user can copy all the PDB system files (DIRA*.DB) in a dummy directory (that does not contains other PDB) of the local node, then he can copy the data of this PDB in the permanent Personal Data Base with PDB_COPY command.

The user must use PDB_COPY starting from the local node, and with actual directory containing a PDB structure.

This command substitutes the command DB_REMOTE of the previous version of DIRA.

INPUT FIELDS of the command:


Name of the network node where the remote input PDB is. The use of a network copy works only in a DECNET environment. To avoid protection problems in this field the username and the password of the remote owner of the PDB files, with the standard syntax NODE"user password"::, can be inserted.

Example : ASTBO1"DIRA2 DIRA2"::


Path of the directory where the the input PDB is. The path must be completed with disk name, when this is required.

Example : DUA2:[ASTRONET]


Many catalogues can be copied when the keyword %ALL is entered in the next field. When this flag is set to 'Y' the task asks to confirm before to copy a catalogue. Moreover when this flag is set to 'I' all the catalogues of the input database, that are not present in your current database, are copied.

Example : N


The name of the catalogue that must be copied in the PDB. More catalogues can be copied when a %ALL keyword is entered in this field. Moreover, with the %LIST key a list of the catalogues present on the original PDB is shown.

Example : ALFACAT


When a catalogue with the same name already exists in the local Personal Data Base the command asks for a new name of the catalogue to insert.

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