This command loads a simple editor to modify a big file


To edit a file with more than a thousand records or with more than 80 characters for record is nearly impossible, using a standard editor. This command provides a fast full screen editor that allows to modify catalogues fields (but not to append records or fields).The file must be a direct access file (use DB_FIXA on a VAX/VMS system).

The command ask for file name and record length, then enters in edit mode and the user can use arrows and control key to move the edit window and to modify data.

Warning: this command works on the file and do not permit to restore the original data or quit an edit session without modify the data. The user is encouraged to work on a backup copy of the original file.

INPUT FIELDS of the command:

File Name:

The name of the file that must be opened. If the file is not a fixed length record file an error message occurs.

Example : ALFA.DAT

Record length (char.)

The record length of the file in characters. On a VAX/VMS system this field is not used. In a unix system the user must enter the right records length, (Otherwise unpredictable results).

Example : 76

CONTROL KEY in the edit mode :


Change the current record shown at the center of the window. Pressing this key the program ask for the new record number.


The window shows 70 column at time. This key change the columns shown in the edit window. At the start of the task column from 1 to 70 are shown, but the user can modify the starting column number. On the top of the edit window there are the column numbers.


Exit from DB_EDIT saving the data.

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