To convert a variable record length file in a fixed record length one.


DIRA can use file with variable or fixed record length, but the direct access to the data and the dichotomy search allowed on fixed record length only. This task reads a variable record length file and writes it as a fixed length record file with a length defined by user. This utility can be used to convert the file type in a VAX/VMS system, or to have all the records with the same length in a unix system.

To convert from fixed record length to variable ones you can use the command DB_UNFIX.

INPUT FIELDS of the command:

Input File name:

The name of the input file with variable length record.

Example : FILE1.DAT

Output File name:

The name of the output file that will have fixed length record.

Example : FILE2.DAT

Length of the record in characters:

The record length of the output file. Maximum record length is 2880 bytes.

Example : 120

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