The disk space needed for DIRA2 software is 20 MBytes. This include source, libraries, helps, and documentation files. These files are, by default, in a directory tree, but you can move the documentation and help directories in other disks.

Moreover you have to add, of course, the space for the catalogues data files. There are two directories needed for the catalogues: a directory where you can put the on-line catalogues and a scratch area where you can temporarily swap the catalogues stored on tapes. This area can be the common scratch area of a computer center. The catalogues can be stored also on other disks or/and on other nodes of a network; this require to update the DIRA2 system files, by DB_MANAG, to define the location of the data.

The first time you install DIRA2 you must create directories and back-up the whole tape distribution kit. If you have DIRA2 already installed on your computer you can skip next paragraph and go to section .

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