The Data Base Administrator

DIRA2 is a structure distributed in each pole of the ASTRONET network; we sign that in each center there will be a person in charge of the installation and maintenance of the system, installation of new catalogues and that will serve as contact person between the node and the Astronet Database Group. This person is the local Data Base Administrator.

With the distribution of DIRA and the decentralization of single databases: each database must reflect the specific astronomical competence of the node. The astronomical knowledge must allow the DBA to select the catalogues needed to a certain scientific community, to put on line the more used and to refer to database group problems and suggestions that will grow with the use of DIRA. The DBA do not need of special 'privileges' or of a deep knowledge of the operating system. Whereas he must be familiar with the particular needs of the node. From the preceding statement it is clear that the DBA it is not the system manager also if, obviously, the DIRA2 implementation must take into account the site hardware/software situation and the system manager instructions.

In the management of the system database the DBA can work on the master files like a user works on his PDB. He can use the [DIRADATA] directory as his Personal Data Base directory and use all the utility of the package (PDB_PACK, PDB_COPY, PDB_INSTAB, PDB_FROMFT etc) for the management and to insert new catalogues. The DBA must read carefully the sections and of this manual to know the structure of the database and how to insert the new catalogues.

Moreover the Data Base Administrator can use the command DB_MANAG, (that have the same functions of the PDB_MANAG command), to update the system files.

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