DIRA2 Directories

DIRA programs, data files, service files etc, automatically will reside into the tree of the directory [DIRA2] generated at the installation back- up:

] it contains the libraries for the link, initialization procedure LOGIN.COM and SETUP.DAT
] contains the catalogues documentation files
] contains template for source codes using DIRA2
] contains the DIRA help and input masks parameters.
] contains the executable modules.
] contains DIRA2 manuals
] contains application routines.
] contains user interface routines.
] contains common source of graphic programs.
] contains specific source graphic programs.
] contains source of the AGL interfaces
] contains source of the GKS interfaces
] contains dira2 kernel routines .
] contains low level utilities.
] contains slalib (starlink) subroutines.
] contains VMS system dependent subroutines
] contains Unix system dependent subroutines
] contains source of the main programs
] contains source of the management routines
] contains VMS system procedures.
] it contains the TermWindow libraries
] This Directory is the default area in which DIRA will search for catalogues. It is suggested to put in this area all the catalogues that will resides permanently on disk. In this directory there are the master files also.

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