Help Commands

Some commands provide help on the commands available, on the command syntax and information on the catalogues available, these are:

provides a list of all the DIRA2 commands with a short explanation. Commands are sorted for types.

provides the help of available commands.

(PDB_INFO) Lists the catalogue available in the data base, selects catalogues according to type and writes the documentation of the wanted catalogue.

The user starts the job searching if in the data base are contained the data he needs. Sometimes the user don't know the name of desired catalogue, or the name that he knows is not the one DIRA2 uses. With the DB_INFO command he can find the names of all the catalogues that contain defined objects (i.e. QSOs), or all the catalogues at a given band (i.e. RADIO). Moreover he can search a specific catalogue by Author or reference or he can search all the catalogues that contain a specific physical quantity (i.e. Radial Velocity). When one, or many, catalogues are found, the user can have the documentation and the description of the catalogue fields and can understand where the data are (on tapes or on disk). DB_INFO provide the vocabulary also, that is the table of acronimous of the catalogues fields.

Then DB_INFO is the first command used from the beginner DIRA2 user that must know the names of the catalogues with the wanted data. Whenever he has found the wanted catalogue, he needs to retrieve data from.

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