PDB Commands

The Personal Data Base (PDB) is a data base managed from the user that allows to work on personal catalogues in the same way on which one works on the DIRA public one. The management of the PDB require information that the user can find in the chapter of the manual. The output of a DIRA2 task can be automatically added in the PDB and become the input for the next application. A group of commands (the PDB_ commands) works on the PDB and allows to create a structure, to add and manage catalogues, to copy catalogues between PDBs, and to retrieve data. These commands don't work on the catalogues data, but on the catalogues items (the descriptions of catalogues and fields) that are in the PDB system files.

To copy catalogues items between PDB

Creates a PDB structure in the user current directory

Retrieves all information on the catalogues of the PDB

Manages the PDB. Adds, removes, changes the descriptions of the personal catalogues

Compress and verifies the PDB structure

Converts an old DIRA PDB in the new structure.

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