Utility Commands

The utilities are commands that perform operation in the management of the astronomical catalogues. Between them you can find commands that execute coordinate conversions (precession or transformation between coordinates systems), that evaluate new catalogue fields as functions of existing fields, that sort catalogues with respect of a field, that verify the internal data coherence of data sets and the coherence between a catalogue and its description in the PDB system files. Other commands are useful to edit and fix a big catalogue and to change the files type (fixed or variable length).

The DIRA2 utility commands are:

Perform coordinates transformation.

To evaluate a new field as a function of other fields.

Verifies the catalogue data coherence

To sort a catalogue according to a defined field

To modify fields value in a large catalogue

To create a fixed length file from variable record length

To create variable record length files (VAX/VMS only)

To link an user program with the DIRA2 subroutines

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