Graphic device independence

A graphic task in DIRA can work on several graphic terminals by different terminal independent graphic libraries. The user can define the type of the graphic devices in use by the keywords TERM, GRAPH and PLOT in the SETUP.PDB file (see section ). Alternatively, one can enter these parameters during the task execution.

The DIRA2 graphic commands can be linked with AGL or GKS graphic libraries, using different logical names for the graphic devices adressing. You can know the library in use in your system by running a graphic task.

For example:


D.I.R.A Graphic -GKS- Version

Default graphic device : VT125 Default hard copy device : LN03P

Enter <CR> to confirm, <?> to list devices name

Follow the name with a <*> character if you have a separate graphic device

Graphic device ( <CR> = default) >

It shows that the GKS library is in use. Entering a ' ? ' at the last question you will have a help about the names of the graphic devices.

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