The User interface

The user interface of the graphic tasks of DIRA is based on about hundred verbs that execute the graphic operations or define the value of parameters and of the flags. Only the first three characters of the verbs are meaningful, but the verbs can be entirely entered; the complete verb is printed in the log file.

Since a so large number of commands can give some problems in the first approach, some facilities are provided to help the user in his work. A set of default values are given for typical problems; the user can change the values only when this is required by specific applications.

An help structure provides information about the commands. Entering '?L' you have the list of verbs available in the application with a line of explanation. '?' lists the mnemonic codes only, while the command 'HELP verb ' types the help of the verb.

Typing a verb without parameter(s) causes the print of a prompt line that shows valid values that you can input. The verb 'GO', typed as a first command, provides a short way to get a guided session.

We separated verbs into two groups: the General verbs and the Specific verbs. The general verbs are used in all the tasks and are described in the section . The specific verbs are used only in a task, or they have a peculiar use in a task, and are included in the task description.

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