At this point the DBA can dismount the tape and start the configuration phase. First you must edit the file [DIRA2]LOGIN.COM where you must define the root of the dira tree directory.

The first lines of the file contain the site dependent part and are as follows:

\$!--------- modify in Your  installation
\$           DIRAROOT :== SYS$ASTRO:[DIRA2
\$!----------end of modify

The DBA must modify this item and insert the path of his DIRA2 directory.

Moreover the other parameters of DIRA2 must be defined in the file [DIRA2]SETUP.DAT. This file contains the following keys that the DBA must set up for the local configuration; (the suggested values for this parameters are inside brackets) :

The [DIRA2...] and [DIRADATA] directories must be protected with: (S:rewd, O:rewd, G:re, W:re) and the VIRT directory must be (W:rewd).

The DBA or the system manager must insert in the file


or in another login file the statements:


where XXXX indicates the physical disk unit in which DIRA is.

All the commands names of the procedure have the prefix DB_. If there is some conflict with other site commands, the DBA can verify in the LOGIN.COM file the syntax of the commands.

At this point, after the next startup of the system, the DIRA can be invoked by the user and DBA simply typing the command DIRA2. The graphic tasks require one more step in the configuration..

The DIRA2 optimization it is reached in those centers in which a scratch area exist, that can be written by user and with no system procedure. This area, that is pointed with the VIRT key, can be shared from DIRA2 with any other programs. In this case the DBA will define an area (typically 50 MBy of disk space) in which large catalogues can be temporarily swapped. If this is not possible, the virtual disk option can not be used.

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