If you have DIRA2 yet installed on your computer some steps are not required, but you must pay attention to save the files that are dependent by your site configuration. When you install the new DIRA2 version to have a new release of the software only, you can copy the file [DIRA2]SETUP.DAT in another directory to have a copy of the current parameters setting. Then you can back up the new version of the software by the command:


Other actions are required to update of the [DIRADATA] directory, in particular if you have already updated the old system files with local catalogues, or if you change the location of your catalogue(s). The system files of the distribution kit can contain new catalogues and you have to merge the two system files to have the complete set of the catalogues items, saving your changes. To do that you can copy DIRADATA save set in a dummy directory with the command:


Then you can change your current directory to [DIRADATA] and use the command PDB_COPY to copy the data coming from new system files in the [DUMMY] directory.

You can answer 'I' at the question: 'Confirm' and '%ALL' at the question 'Catalogue'. In this way only the new catalogues will be copied in your system file and you will save the catalogue that you have modified.

Then you can copy the other files in the [DIRADATA] directory and delete the '[DUMMY]*.DB' files.

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