Graphic Configuration

The graphic tasks of DIRA can use different device independent graphic libraries as AGL and GKS. If the package do not use the appropriate library the DBA can decides to link one of these libraries using the procedure:


In order to link DIRA you must have VAX C version 2.4 or later

You can link graphic commands, nongraphic, or both Link (Graphic = 1, Nongraphic = 2, Both = 3, Exit =0 ) > : 1

Graphic Library to use in the link (GKS = 1, AGL = 2) > : 1 Linking .... DGCHART Linking ............ .....................

DIRA package is accompanied by the AGL library distribution kit. For the installation of the desired graphic library please refer to the installation manual. In the next pages a brief description of the libraries is given.

Obviously the graphic library must be installed before to link DIRA2 graphic tasks.

All the DIRA2 graphic tasks call a routines layer interface made of about twenty subroutines (see 'PROGRAMMING IN DIRA2 MANUAL'). Rewriting this routines you can interface DIRA2 task with others graphic libraries.

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