Catalogue installation.

In the DIRA2 distribution kit only some small catalogues are present in the DIRADATA.BCK save set. These catalogues can be used to test the software and are required from different tasks. It is a DBA concerning to evaluate how many and which catalogues put on disk and how many and which to leave on tape eventually with the virtual disk option.

In the first case, meaning in putting catalogues on disk, the DBA must copy from tape to directory [DIRADATA] the data files and modify the field 'location' in the catalogue mask by means of the DB_MANAG command.

In the second case, meaning to leave on tape the catalogue with the virtual disk option, the DBA can modify the catalogue item 'Versability' (with DB_MANAG command) and write a 'Y'. We remember that the virtual disk option philosophy allow the user to have high level performances in an encumbered way and using only scratch disk space.

Remember that, when you try to open a catalogue, DIRA search on [DIRADATA] first, then in the scratch area, and finally on the specific device. Then if a file is found other versions of the catalogue are ignored.

When you get a new catalogue in DIRA format please send a mail to the Astronet Data Base Working Group with the documentation file of the new catalogue.

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