To update the DIRA2 database with a new catalogue require different actions if the new catalogue come from another DIRA2 database or not. When the new catalogue is not in a DIRA2 format you have to convert the data, to write the documentation file and to insert the catalogue items in the master files. It is suggested to work in a temporary PDB structure and to copy (with the PDB_COPY command) the new catalogue in the DB system after a complete check of the data.

When you receive a catalogue that is in DIRA format you have to copy the data file in your disk (or tape), you have to move the documentation file in [DIRA2.DOC] directory and to update the master files with the DB_MANAG command. You can also copy, (using DECNET network), the catalogue items from a remote computer center where that catalogue is already installed by DB_COPY command. When you want to install many catalogues coming from another computer center you can also get the master files and put these in a dummy directory, then you can copy, the catalogues items.

The solution we suggest is to write tapes (or files) in FITS format with the DB_TOFITS : command and to read with DB_FROMFT command. DB_TOFITS : writes standard FITS tape, that can be read from other packages also, but that contain in the 'COMMENT' fields the documentation and the DIRA2 catalogue items. When these FITS files are read by DB_FROMFT the special keys written in the 'COMMENT' field are used to create the documentation and to update the PDB structure. Then when you want to send catalogues to another computer center use the DB_TOFITS : to write FITS files.

The Astronet Data Base working group needs to have all the (public) catalogues that was written in DIRA format available for future distributions. So, when you insert a new catalogue please send an E-mail message to the group contact point that you find in the first pages of this manual. In the E-mail include a copy of the catalogue documentation.

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