AGL Version

In the AGL (version 2.x) library the logical link between the physical lines and the graphic terminals is defined by the file AGLDEVS.DAT. If you need to use a remote terminal or a printer/plotter device you must refer to these using the name of the physical line (ie. TXA4:, VSA0:, LVA0:). If you have problems you can ask your System Manager or the Data Base Administrator to modify the file.

If you want to use the same terminal for both the command dialogue and the graphic output on VAX/VMS you can define your terminal type with the DCL command definition:


where XXX is the logical name of the device (see appendix H). This is useful when your terminal is connected to the computer through a LAN.

If you log--in into the system in remote mode, typically through a geographical network, you must type this definition before using DIRA graphic command.

Remember that the hard copy devices are not directly addressed by the graphic library, but files containing graphic codes are created. You must send these files to the devices using appropriate commands (for example: COPY for the LN03 or MC RASM for the Versatec in a VAX/VMS environement).

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