AGL Library (version. 3.x)

The Astronet Graphic Library is a package of few megabytes, easy to install, that can manage graphic terminals and hard copy devices. DIRA2 use the version 3.x of AGL library.

The save set AGL3.BCK in the distribution kit contains the complete AGL library, already compiled for VAX/VMS. In the file AGLINSTA.DOC of the AGL save set you can find more instruction to install and configure the graphic library.

Moreover you can modify AGLDEVS.DAT to configure your installation. The file looks like:

# HEADER : agldevs.dat    - Vers 3.5.000  - Sep 1989 -  L. Fini, Oss. Arcetri

# AGL configuration file template

vt:vt125 # tt:tkg.t4010 # vt is a logical name (or environment variable) tka1:tkg.t4010 # Current terminal is a Tektronix 4010 ttb7:tkg.ln03 # Laser LN03 txb5:hpgl # Plotter HP ws:window # Windowing workstation (X11/Sunview/Apollo) #con:ibmpc::=mode co80 # IBM-PC with EGA Color card and clear screen con:ibmpc # IBM-PC with EGA Color card con1:ibmpc.cga # IBM-PC with CGA Color card idi:idi.sxw0g # Midas IDI server laser:tkg.qms # QMS Laser printer with Tektronix emulation ln03:tkg.ln03 # DEC LN03 Laser printer, Tektronix emulation nl:null # Null device ps:pscript::=lpr % # PostScript laser printer with print command hp:hpgl # HPGL plotter rs:raster::=sort -01 % > tmp.tmp # General raster device eps:raster::=sort % | epson -p # Epson printer (via rasterizing program) # (use -p only on MS-DOS) egam:ibmpc.egam test:pippo

You have to describe your hardware configuration for the remote device. We suggest to define the keyword GRAPH of [DIRA2]SETUP.DAT to TT. The user can use the AGLDEVS.DAT file in the personal directory to configure his own graphic terminals. The DBA must configure the remote graphic terminals and the hard copy devices.

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