GKS Library

The Graphic Kernel System is a standard software used in graphic applications and in the CAD/CAM. We have written an interface between DIRA2 and VAX-GKS using the standard fortran calls. We suggest to use this library in the installation of DIRA on GPX or X-Window workstation.

In the installation of DIRA with GKS routines you must edit the file:


giving an account of your configuration of graphic terminal and hard copy device


Name GKS-Type Size X Y LINE Hard COMMENT !-------!---------!--Cm--!--Cm---!---------------!-!------------------ VT240 14 24. 14.74 VT240C 13 24. 14.74 VT125 12 19.7 12.2 VT125C 11 19.7 12.2 VT340 11 25. 15.2 TEK4010 72 18. 13.71 TEK4107 82 23.9 17.7 GPX 41 40. 33.1 WTA0: DECW 211 40. 33.1 DECW\$DISPLAY DecWindow terminal MOTIF 231 40. 33.1 DECW\$DISPLAY X-Window+Motif LN03P 38 26.46 20.32 LN03 Q Laser DEC LA100 31 40. 25. TXA7: H LA100 DEC HPLOT 53 25.5 19.65 HPLOT Q Plotter HP (A4) HPLOTA3 4194357 51.0 39.3 HPLOT Q Plotter HP (A3) POSCR 61 25.5 19.65 QMSIRA Q Poscript. POSCRM 61 25.5 19.65 REMNOD::TXA4 H Remote hard-copy

In this file you must describe all the interactive device type in your configuration (a record for device type), and all the hard copy devices. The hard copy can be a remote device connected to an host of a Local Area Network, you must define the complete name of the device: HOST::DEVICE. You must fill the field 'Hard' with a 'Q' if the hard-copy is a spool device on a Queue that require a DCL PRINT/QUE=xxx command, otherwise you fill the field with a 'H' if you use the command COPY to send file on that device. If you have supplementary monitors you must fill the field 'LINE' and don't fill the field 'Hard'. In the field 'Comment' you can write a short message that will be shown to the users in the help. You can use any name in the field 'Name'.

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