The Juke-Box

The 102 CD-ROM of the Digitized Sky Survey are drived by a 500 disc CDROM Changer Pioneer DRM-5004X.

Internal view of the Juke-Box

This changer consists of two quadruple high speed CD-ROM drives, five magazines which can hold as many as one hundred CD-ROM discs, and a disc changer mechanism. Two more CD-ROM drives can be installed optionally. AS for drive, four times high rotational speed of spindle motor realize the high speed data transfer. Each drive has a SCSI controller, and the disc changer mechanism also as a SCSI controller individually.

The hardware components of SkyEye Server

This Juke-Box is connected to a Digital Alpha Station 3000 operating with Digital Unix System. The software which control the Changer was developed at C.N.R. Istituto di Radiostronomia by Franco Tinarelli. This library was written in C language. It uses the SCSI/CAM generic device and does not require a Kernel rebuild. At present it works only with Digital Unix.