SkyEye is an archive of astronomical images build up to give a network access to the Digitized Sky Survey and to others astronomical surveys. SkyEye is included in the "Astronomical Virtual Observatory" project, under National Research Council grant.

The SkyEye system is a collection of cgi-bin tasks that interface and drive the Juke Box of CD-Rom , select data, convert format etc.

SkyEye allows to selecting sky images from the database:

  • inserting data from a network browser,
  • sending, by browser, a list of field center coordinates and field size,
  • sending, the same list, by mail and using anonymous ftp to get the output

    Next steps in the SkyEye development will be the integration with the Dira2 database of astronomical catalogues and the availability of other survey of astromomical images.

    People involved in the SkyEye development:

  • Eva Windrath - Dipartimento di Astronomia Bologna - cgi-bin codes
  • Franco Tinarelli - CNR. Ist. Radioastronomia Bologna - juke box interface & software
  • Stefano Andreon - CNR. Ist. Fisica Cosmica Milano - Mail gateway
  • Mauro Nanni - CNR. Ist. Radioastronomia Bologna - AVO Project Coordinator