Image Gallery

These are images selected from Digitalized Sky Survey of best know sky objects. More of these images where resized and written in jpeg graphic format to get object that can be showed in a 800x600 screen of a Dos-Window system for educational job.
  • M1 Crab Nebula
    (323 x310 pixels) (15671 bytes)
  • Globular cluster M13
    (583x457 pixels) (50662 bytes)
  • M42 Orion Nebula
    (523x461 pixels) (23255 bytes)
  • M45 Pleiadi
    (661x655 pixels) (64637 bytes)
  • Spiral galaxy M51
    (380x346 pixels) (12792 bytes)
  • M73
    (141x141 pixels) ( 3233 bytes)
  • Spiral galaxy M74
    (339x283 pixels) (12981 bytes)
  • Spiral galaxy M81
    (555x477 pixels) (27322 bytes)
  • Nebulae M82
    (428x298 pixels) (12358 bytes)
  • Spiral galaxy M83
    (358x337 pixels) (18982 bytes)
  • M91 Coma
    (212x212 pixels) ( 5360 bytes)
  • Spiral galaxyM104
    (489x338 pixels) (21049 bytes)
  • Eliptical galaxy M105
    (340x270 pixels) ( 8369 bytes)
  • Spiral galaxy M109
    (272x231 pixels) ( 7073 bytes)

And this is what you get when use SkyEye inserting "random" sky coordinates.